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Selecting a Diamond

Diamonds are a true symbol of love. At Ancaster Jewellers, our staff will show you everything to look for in a diamond.

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Jewellery Design & Repair

Since 1976, we have built a reputation based on superior quality, design and service.

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Design Options

At Ancaster Jewellers, we make the transition from concept to creation easy and hassle free. We have the skills and experience that allows us to create beautiful, custom pieces for you and your loved ones.


Ever wonder how custom jewellery is made? The image below is the basic cycle your idea will take to become a unique piece of custom jewellery. First is the conception: whether you're starting from scratch or updating outdated jewellery, our specially trained designer can help you every step of the way.


Once we have the conception completed, we draw your idea into a 3D jewellery design program that lets us fine-tune the details of your custom piece. From there, a wax carving is made to the scale and specifications of your piece. This wax carving is then used by our goldsmiths to create the final master piece: your own, new, custom work of art.